Pipe Organ vs. Regular Organ

Pipe organs are majestic musical instruments which use pressurized wind to create sounds. The air is blown through the pipes to create various notes on the keyboard. The pipe organ player uses both hands and feet to play the organ. They use pipes made up of wood or metal to create beautiful music in churches, cathedrals, and big town halls. These pipes can vary in size and each pipe produces different notes. The sound also depends upon the material of the pipes. Organs have been used in ceremonies since centuries and pipe organs are very different from the modern digital organs that we see these days.

The main difference between a pipe organ and the regular organ is the quality of sound they produce. The Pipe organ is a very majestic instrument which uses real pipes and wind control instruments to create a sound which reverberates throughout the room. The size of the two organs also varies in size. The digital organs are smaller in size compared to pipe organs which can be as big as a room. The pipe organs need to be controlled mechanically while the digital organ works on electricity. It is much easier to play a digital organ as a pipe organ requires coordination between the keyboard, foot pedals, and wind system. Digital organs are made to look and emulate the pipe organs but many musicians believe that even the finest electronic organs fail to create the music that a pipe organ creates.

The maintenance of pipe organs is another factor which makes them different from the regular organs. They can go out of tune quite easily so it becomes necessary to maintain them periodically and tune them. The digital organs do not require that much care as they do not go out of tune. Digital organs are also easier to move and carry as they are lightweight and do not require much space. It has been tried to recreate the sound of traditional pipe organs through digital organs but many organists prefer the pipe organ over the normal organ. They say that the sound which is created by classic pipe organs is very different from the digital organs.

Another factor which differentiates the two types of organs is the price. Digital organs are much cheaper compared to the big pipe organs. It is because of this price difference that a lot of homes are preferring to buy smaller electronic organs which are cheaper and small in size. A classic pipe organ is only used in churches and town halls these days which can afford to spend a huge amount of money on these organs as they have become a rarity.
In the end, both the organs have their own set of pros and cons and you should invest in the organs only after proper research. The sound quality of pipe organ is much better compared to the digital organs which cost less and save space. A true organist will come to know the difference between these two instruments by just listening to the sound that they create.

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